We are thrilled to announce the brand new Teaching Videos App for iPad and iPhone created by Have Fun Teaching! The Teaching Videos App is now available for FREE on the iTunes App Store for both iPad and iPhone. Teachers, Parents, and Kids will LOVE this new app which is a perfect addition to any classroom, homeschool, or road trip with kids!

The Teaching Videos App by Have Fun Teaching includes fun and engaging educational videos for teachers, parents, and kids. There are two different ways to play this app: Game Mode and Learning Mode. Your kids and students will have so much fun exploring the Alphabet Music Videos, Counting Music Videos, and Shape Music Videos, collecting tokens when they watch videos, unlocking new videos, and singing along with their favorite Have Fun Teaching songs! In the settings menu, teachers and parents will have access to each child’s video history, including their Most Watched and Recently Watched videos so you can keep track of their progress.

The Teaching Videos App is the perfect tool for teaching Alphabet, Phonics, Counting, Skip Counting, Shapes, Geometry, and More!