Do you need free sequencing worksheets for your kids? These sequence worksheets are great for learning how to put things in order and to learn sequence of events. Teachers and parents can use these sequencing worksheets and sequence graphic organizers in the classroom, for fun sequencing activities, or with your lesson plans.

Sequencing Worksheets

Sequencing Worksheets – Click Here

These free sequence worksheets and sequencing activities are great for teaching and learning sequencing. This is a great skill to practice of science and reading.

Here are some of the sequence activities you will find on Have Fun Teaching:

Sequence Worksheet – Smallest to Largest: Put each group of words in order from smallest to largest.

Circle Graphic Organizers: Circle Graphic Organizer for showing sequencing and sequence of events.

Cycle of Events Worksheet: Put events in order. Butterfly life cycle.

Beginning, Middle, End Chain of Events Worksheet: Put events in order, beginning, middle, and ending to a story.

Response to Reading – Beginning, Middle, and End: Reading response activity where students rate their book and tell what happened at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of the story.

Sequencing Graphic Organizer: Put events in order, historical timeline.

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