Teachers, get ready for Christmas! If you need free Christmas worksheets, Christmas Crafts, and Christmas Activities for your kids, you have come to the right place. Christmas is celebrated on December 25th to recognize the birth of Jesus Christ. Okay public school teachers…BE BOLD, let’s share the message of Jesus and have fun this Christmas! Look below to find free Christmas worksheets for your kids.

Free Christmas Worksheets – Click Here

Here are some more Christmas worksheets, Christmas crafts, and Christmas activities for teachers:

  • Have Fun Teaching – Free Christmas worksheets, Polar Express Activities, Christmas Word Sort ABC Order, Christmas Matching Worksheet, Christmas Coloring Pages, Holiday Math Mystery Worksheet, Christmas Acrostic Poem Activity, Christmas Writing Paper and Themed Border Paper, Christmas Maze, and Christmas Gift Tags.
  • Color Me Good – Angel Coloring Pages, Candy Cane Coloring Pages, Christmas Lights Coloring Pages, Christmas Tree Coloring Pages, Decorations Coloring Pages, Elf Coloring Pages, Ginger Bread Coloring Pages, Jesus Christ Coloring Pages, Presents Coloring Pages, Gifts Coloring Pages, Reindeer Coloring Pages, Santa Claus Coloring Pages, Snowman Coloring Pages, Stockings Coloring Pages.
  • Teachnology – Christmas Writing Paper, Christmas Song Lyrics, Christmas Crossword Puzzle, Christmas Cryptogram, Creative Writing Activity, Christmas KWL, Christmas Reading Comprehension Worksheet, Christmas Vocabulary, Christmas Word Scramble, Christmas Word Search, Christmas Adjectives Worksheets, Christmas Lesson Plans, Christmas Teaching Theme.
  • Enchanted Learning – Christmas Crafts including: Paper Bag Reindeer Puppet, Paper Plate Angel, Christmas Star, Hand print Wreath, Christmas Stockings, Fireplace Craft, Hand and Foot Reindeer, Candy Train, Paper Plate Poinsettia, Hand print Christmas Tree, Paper Christmas Tree, Snowman Ornament, Christmas Paper Box, String of Gingerbread People, Paper Plate Snowman, Snowman Puppets, Christmas Cards, Christmas Storybooks

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